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Welcome to England Memories

Celebrating the history of the England national football team with a series of blog posts, with a new entry at least once per month and usually every couple of weeks. The posts are focused on delving into England’s past and do not cover contemporary matters, but often have a relevance to what is happening in the present day or the time of year. There are also occasional look backs at more general international football matters, including past World Cups and European Championships.

The blog does not intend to give a blinkered view of the history of the England team. Although inevitably there may be a higher level of nostalgia afforded to tournaments such as the World Cups of 1966 and 1990 when England did well, we will not ignore the many instances where England have failed. Indeed, the first ever post on this blog was a reflection on how badly England performed at Euro ’88! We also like to delve into forgotten matches and tournaments, as well as recalling players who won just a solitary cap for England or never made it at all.

Every England qualifying campaign between the 1968 European Championship and 2002 World Cup has so far been reviewed, along with each European Championship tournament they appeared in from 1968 to 2004. As a general rule we do not cover events from the past decade in great detail.

The content is thoroughly researched from a variety of sources but all views expressed within are purely those of the blogger. The blog is totally independent of the Football Association or anyone directly connected to the England team, past or present.

England Memories is run purely for personal enjoyment, so please note we will not accept any advertising requests either on this website or our social media accounts. We are very grateful for the positive feedback received and that many people wish to share our content. However, can we please politely ask that everyone who wishes to share our blog posts does so via the correct channels, ensuring a link is posted to the page in question rather than simply copying and pasting content.

We hope you find something of interest to read here.

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