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World Cup

The following blog posts have been written relating to the World Cup. If any past tournament (which England entered) is not currently listed it is our intention to cover it in due course.

1950 World Cup – Brazil

England’s Brazil ‘50

1954 World Cup – Switzerland

England’s Switzerland ’54

1958 World Cup – Sweden

England’s Sweden ’58 (including impact of Munich disaster)

1962 World Cup – Chile

England’s Chile ’62

1966 World Cup – England


The World Cup draw

Pickles finding stolen World Cup

Bobby Charlton’s goal for England v Mexico

England’s road to World Cup final

What if West Germany hadn’t equalised…?

Jimmy Greaves missing the final

Kenneth Wolstenholme’s famous commentary on final

Tofiq Bahramov (linesman) and role in final

Sir Alf Ramsey tribute (with emphasis on 1966)

Subsequent England careers of 1966 side

1966 World Cup Final rematch (1985)

Managerial careers of England’s Boys of ’66

1970 World Cup – Mexico

England’s Mexico ’70

1974 World Cup – West Germany

Norman Hunter goal v Wales (qualifying)

England’s qualifying campaign

1978 World Cup – Argentina

England’s qualifying campaign

1982 World Cup – Spain


England’s qualifying campaign

England’s decisive qualifier against Hungary (November 1981)

England’s flying start against France (and round-up of their other games)

England v Kuwait (and other matches on June 25)

Book review of Out of the Shadows

1986 World Cup – Mexico


England’s qualifying campaign

Chris Waddle goal v Turkey (qualifying)

England’s Mexico ’86

Bryan Robson’s pain of Mexico ’86

Gary Lineker’s Mexico ’86 Goals

Subsequent international careers of England team

TV Memories of Mexico ’86 (part one)

TV Memories of Mexico ’86 (part two)

Book Review – Cheer Up Peter Reid (mainly focusing upon his memories of Mexico ’86)

1990 World Cup – Italy

England’s qualifying campaign

England v Sweden qualifier

Albania v England qualifier

England v Albania qualifier

England v Poland qualifier

TV coverage of early stages of Italia ’90

David Platt’s goal for England v Belgium

TV memories of England v Cameroon

Dave Beasant myth (England v West Germany)

Six of the Best – Memories of England v West Germany semi-final

Italy v England (3rd place play-off)

England’s Italia ’90 (focusing on Bobby Robson)

Subsequent England careers of Italia ’90 squad

1994 World Cup – USA

England’s qualifying campaign

Graham Taylor documentary

1998 World Cup – France

England’s qualifying campaign

England’s France ’98

TV memories of France ‘98

2002 World Cup – Japan/South Korea

England’s qualifying campaign

England’s 2002 World Cup

2006 World Cup – Germany

England’s 2006 World Cup


England’s past World Cup warm-up matches – an overview

Six of the Best – England in the World Cup second round

Six of the BestEngland World Cup quarter-finals

Six of the Best – Yet they didn’t make the last four

Six of the Worst – Home disadvantage

Six of the Best – Dramatic England qualifying climaxes

Six of the Best – England quickfire tournament-opening goals

Six of the Best – Unused England World Cup players

Six of the Best – England World Cup player emergences

Six of the Best – Memorable England World Cup substitutions

Six of the Best – England World Cup goals (1966-98)

Six of the Worst – England World Cup 0-0 draws

Six of the Best – England’s post-World Cup matches

Women’s World Cup

England at the 1995 World Cup

England’s women at the 2007 World Cup

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